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May 14 2013
By: cassarcc First Son 2 posts

Improvement suggestions for PS VITA updates.

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I have a suggestion for improving the ps vita: why not include airplane mode by pressing and holding the PS button?

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Re: Improvement suggestions for PS VITA updates.

May 15, 2013

I'm not sure how that is an improvement.  There is nothing intuitive about holding the PS button to enter airplane mode.  There is no connection between the function of airplane mode, and the function of the PS button; on this, or any other, Playstation console.  Also most people use airplane mode rarely, or not at all; so it makes no sense to map the function to one of the Vita's limited physical buttons. I very much doubt that Sony will make that change, but I already posted in the other thread where suggestions are supposed to go.  It won't happen as a result of you posting here, even if Sony thought that it was a good idea.

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