Nov 10 2012
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Ideas for an enhanced Vita with Xperia Ion-like resolution and LTE-compatibility

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I am absolutely stunned by the superb image quality of Android apps on my new Xperia Ion screen.  It's almost revolting how few people know about the existence of this PSN-friendly technological beast of a phone, especially since it, in my opinion, dances rings around the iPhone 5 (hello 12 MP cam with 3D panoramas, and 1080p vid recording!)


Then I look at the icons on my Vita screen, and they look...well, better than the first iPad.  Still looks great, but wow, that Xperia is HOT.  Put it this way: the icons are drawn in such high-res, they actually look like the fake icons on a Best Buy sampler phone (the ones that don't actually work).  It's so good, I can now see jaggies on the edges of the iPhone's home screen icons that weren't previously perceptible.


The Vita's already picking up steam with LBP and ACIII.  If we could get an enahanced version for X-Mas 2013 with Ion-like image quality...and make it LTE-compatible (the speed is ridiculous) to boot...that would be bonkers.  I'd shell out for it, especially for the LTE and Android 4.0 (I hope this is still coming).   Bonkers.  


Add to that: a price drop for the existing Vita (let's call it "Lite") to $200 with 4G/WiFi compatibility?  Hell yeah!



Thought of something else: would LTE speeds allow  for online play without WiFi, or is this a hardware/software limitation? 



Just something I thought of when I was bored.  Probably mad expensive to develop, but one can always dream and post.



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