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Jan 31 2013
By: nasdas1 First Son 1 posts

I am very disappointed with the PS Vita system

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I live in Switzerland and the whole support I get is horrendously bad. 
If I buy a system for the same price as someone in the US (actually I pay even more, if you convert the $ price into CHF but anyway) I expect the same features on both devices. HOWEVER we can't even download a YouTube app in Switzerland. And please, please don't tell me that it's not Sony's fault, because YouTube... yadda yadda yadda. **bleep**. Every smart phone has got a way to download or to see YouTube; even in Switzerland, and from a company as big as Sony I expect to clear things out with YouTube even if the amount of Swiss, Austrian, Scandivian, etc. people who own a Vita isn't that big. 

I am sorry, but this is just a huge joke, and they even wonder wy they aren't attracting any Vita sales. 




Since I'm writing this I can include this anyway: 

We can only have one account per memory card on the Vita? What the hell! These cards are already very/way too expensive!! I actually made a new account for the Vita (I also got a PS3 account: nasdas) since I thought it was a good idea to seperate PS3 and Vita account; I then bought something on the Vita account (nasdas1) and a few hours after that I saw that if I wanted to use my PS3 account on the Vita (for PSone games or minis I stored on the PS3) I'd have to format everything on it (with the bought content!) or buy a second expensive memory card. Anyway, I contacted Sony to see if they can help me transfer my bought content from the Vita to the PS3 account, with deleting the Vita account after that, but I haven't received an e-mail back since. 

Can anyone help me?

Almost forgot to add this:
We haven't even got the Playstation Mobile support on Vita in Switzerland. Seriously? I think you get my point.

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Re: I am very disappointed with the PS Vita system

Feb 1, 2013

I can't comment on the youtube app since I don't use it.  Though I will say that youtube is an app, not a 'feature' of the Vita.  I very rarely use youtube on anything other than my computer, and when that's not available, I use my iPhone.


As for accounts, you can only have one account on the Vita, regardless of having multiple memory cards.  It is a good idea to use the same account on both your Vita and your PS3, since cross-buy content for each device will be tied to the account that purchased it (if you buy Foosball 2012 on the PS3, for example, you'll have access to it on your Vita as well, but only when using the same account as the PS3 account which purchased it).  As you've already discovered, you can only play previous purchases (PSOne/mini) on the Vita using the account that purchased them.


Another example is if you buy PS+ with nasdas on the PS3, you will only be able to take advantage of PS+ on your Vita using that account, unless you want to buy another subscription with nasdas1 (for a total of $100/year).


Playstation Mobile:  You're not missing much at this point.

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Re: I am very disappointed with the PS Vita system

Feb 1, 2013

Sony is only permitted to distribute the Youtube app in countries where Youtube accounts are supported.  The Youtube app isn't available in a lot of countries.  Whether it is or not depends mostly on the laws of that country. PSN accounts have a country specified for them, so Sony really has no excuse for not complying with the terms of the license.  Smartphones don't have a fixed location, so you can download and use smartphone Youtube apps anywhere.  That is the way it is.  Sony won't change the policy unless Youtube allows them to. Why don't you ask Google why it didn't license the PS3 app for Switzerland? I doubt that it is affecting Vita sales.  Sony has focused the Vita squarely on Vita games.  There are some streaming media apps, but they aren't a priority.  If Youtube app availability is a deal-breaker for you, then you were never in the Vita's target market to begin with.


Allowing only one PSN account on a portable Playstation console is nothing new.  The Playstation Portable (PSP) had the same limitation for 6 years before the Vita was announced. The Vita is designed to be a personal device, and it is assumed that only one person will use it. While one person is permitted to have multiple PSN accounts (in one country), multiple accounts have never been accommodated on a portable Playstation console.  Buying a second memory card won't help anyway, so don't bother.  To change the PSN account that a Vita uses, you have to restore it to the factory settings, and then repeat the initial setup.  Swaping memory cards won't allow you to use a different PSN account with the Vita. I've never heard of Sony agreeing to transfer any content from one PSN account to another, for any reason; and Sony doesn't delete PSN accounts either.  


The release of Playstation Mobile support has largely been ignored in North America.  This week Sony gave away a free PSM game to Vita owners to try to generate some interest in the platform on the Vita. I don't think that it is working. By the time that PSM matters, you will probably have access to it in Switzerland.  

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