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Dec 03 2012
By: Crazy-88 Gaming Beast 1947 posts

DLC/Solid Games

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With Plus releasing free DLC copies of games, I was wondering... if someone plays a digital copy of a game, then gets the tangible copy(to save memory space in my case), would the save data cross over? Or would it force starting from scratch?


I'm not sure how it works since I've only had digital copies of games through all the Vita contests out there... and I've run outta space. XD So if I go out and buy the tangible copies of games, I'm curious how the data management works. Anybody tested it?

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Re: DLC/Solid Games

Dec 4, 2012

The Playstation Store version of a Vita game, and the retail version, use the same save data format.  However, for Vita games the save data is stored with the game data. If you delete the downloaded game from the Vita, then the save data is deleted from the Vita also; so it won't be there when the retail game card is installed.  The only way to move save data from one copy of a Vita game to another is by using Playstation Plus online storage.  If you copy the save data from the downloaded game to online storage, then you can copy it back to a game card copy of the game.  So you can keep your save data if you buy the retail game later, but you would still need to be a Playstation Plus subscriber in order to do so.  If your only motivation is to save memory card space, then that won't be a problem.

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