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Jun 14 2012
By: GrayGargoyle PlayStation MVP 11248 posts

Is it very important you being there when the trophy p-p-p-pops up?

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0 replies 282 views Edited Jul 19, 2012

Like a Kodak moment, does taking a picture matter? This special event in history, this one time you can capture the magic, this one special trophy amongst many others... are you the one who has to be involved in this luminous, unforgettable moment? With your own eyes are you seeing every Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinumized "pretty" sparkle before your very eyes?


Can the bathroom wait another half-hour? Can the baby stench tide over? Can your dying aunt hold on a minute? Have you never left the station while a trophy dings? Is it so important that you stay put while the proof of a trophy appears, as long as it takes to come to? Sometimes they're instantaneous, while other times we're aware of those prolonged delays. In these cases have you ever missed out on watching the trophy phone in when you had to grab a quick smoke, or are you so enamored by them that you might have a fever - trophy fever?

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