Dec 29 2014
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Playstation Camera issues

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Hello, I've had my PS4 for almost a month now and I decided to pick up the camera. When I plugged it in for the first time I followed all the instructions in the playroom and then messed around there.


After I was done doing that I went back to the main screen and I noticed that the "What's new" section wasn't loading and instead was saying that I needed to connect to the internet. So after going and testing out many of the internet side of things (restarting router/modem, restarting ps4, checking connection settings/testing it, etc.) I went ahead and unplugged the camera and everything came back.


So what do I do? It's like every time I plug the camera in a firewall pops up and blocks me from using/being connected to the internet.


I fear I'll have to initialize the system and start all over again so that the camera is married to the system from the get go.



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