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Oct 25 2012
By: AnupamB First Son 1 posts

PS3 Eye showing all white image - calibration failed

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My PS3 move was working fine, then slowly it’s motion detector became jittery, and then stopped detecting altogether. I went into camera settings and found that the camera is showing all white. I made sure there was no lighting issues, and all connections were secure but no luck. Tried the same next day but after 10 minutes of good use the same thing happened. I downloaded the camera driver from code-lab site and plugged the camera into my PC. The camera shows all white. Sometimes I see a few pixels. At max frame rates I see all granular picture but at 30 fps its mostly white. I bought the camera as part of the PS3 move kit. Serial number on the camera is AZ0080647, in case that gives a clue. Any pointers will be greatly appreciated. Is the camera dead or can I do something about it? Thanks, Anupam
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