Mar 18 2017
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i can not use playstation now

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i live in jordan .. i cant put that i live in jordan .. because it is not there .. the issue is that i want to sign in (playstation now) .. my visa card is jordanian .. so i can not use it on my account .. my account is american btw .. anyway to by pass this problem

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Re: i can not use playstation now

Mar 19, 2017

If you do not live in the USA, then it is against PSN rules to create a US account.  If you cannot select Jordan as your country of residence when you create a PSN account, then PSN services are not offered in your country, and you are not permitted to use PSN services at all.  PSN will not accept any credit card if the billing address of the card does not match the home address in the PSN account information exactly.  The only way to fund a wallet of a PSN account without a valid registration is to use PSN cards, which you can purchase on other web sites.  If you have a US account, then you need to buy PSN cards denominated in US dollars.  No other PSN cards will be accepted by the account.

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