Mar 21 2017
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Purchased one month PSN subscription but cant use

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I have read requirement of internet and everything. I also checked through test connection on ps4 and having speed more than suggested but now when i am going to run a game, it says some problem in connection.


I then read through google and read few feedback from users in pakistan that it doesnt run here


can i ask if it doesnt available in pakistan? why and why its not written that this service is only for few countries.


I am very upset , we have millions of users in pakistan and this is making me very sad

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Re: Purchased one month PSN subscription but cant use

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Mar 21, 2017

PlayStation Now was never supported in Pakistan, and it probably never will be.  No PlayStation Network services are offered in Pakistan, and none ever were. Sony did announce that PlayStation Now would only be available in selected countries.  If your PSN account was registered in the country that you live it, then you would not have been able to download the app to a console in the first place.  If you violated PSN rules by creating a PSN account with false registration information, then it hardly seems reasonable for you to complain that services that were never offered for you to purchase, don't work for you. Why would you expect them to? You don't understand PlayStation Now network requirements.  The network speeds that you network provider told you are maximum speeds.  PlayStation Now does not care about your maximum speed.  It is the minimum speed that counts, and your provider will neither quote, or guarantee that.  Network latency matters also, as for all online games; and your provider won't guarantee that either.  If the app does not stay connected, then your minimum network speed was too low, or your network latency was too high, during the game stream.  There is nothing that you can do about that.

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Re: Purchased one month PSN subscription but cant use

Mar 23, 2017

That is too rude.

Let me tell you that i have not created account with different country by choice , i did because Pakistan is not in the list but sony sells its unit in Pakistan so this should be taken as a suggestion not to use it against me and being harsh about it.


I saw this link and thought that Sony sells its unit Pakistan: but you are too rude in your reply that you dont care to understand the problem i am facing. I was never expecting such a response from a support person.


Thanks anyway to let me know the intension of SONY with your words and i am getting a message that SONY doesnt care its client from Pakistan.


Regarding the future of  PS Now where you said SONY will never probably support my country, time will prove it wrong. Competition is coming.


Thanks again


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