Feb 14 2015
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PSNOW - Your complete guide to why it sucks

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Sony, Sony, Sony, WHY????




Yeahhhh, SOE, Sony Online Entertainnmeenntt...oohhhhh yeah you sold your mostly failing online gaming division and then decided this was a good idea...hmmm I guess it makes sense. Did the designer of Windows 8.0 help you with this project?



I really tried to love you, then I realized you don't love us at all!! Yh and the service if you don't want to hear my fun rant below this is PS NOW in a bullet list:


 "Quick Parts: YOU NEED TO KNOW":


  • Auto renew for an outrageous price for the content your get...after great 6 day free trial (ouch consumer burn, is there an ointment for that)
  • First try "sorry your Internet is too slow"....that doesn't make any since may a fluke.....3 hours later "sorry your Internet is too slow" NOT A FLUKE ; Sony was in over their hear once again with a systemic network infrastructure failure. But they blamed the consumer, again and offered no extended time. (Unlike that awesome time I paid for a month of PS plus and it was broken for over a week and they game me 5 whole days and a half hearted apology....then tried to entice me to buy more of their stuff with a 10% off coupon....what is this like a free tax day at Macy's?? I digress...ALOT
  • ALL games are in very very low quality stereo sound that cannot be tolerated by my really ruins games...and a fancy trick they did was encode it somehow so it makes a 6,000 dollar surround sound setup sound like my Teddy Rupskin
  • Don't expect eye candy, they down rez every game to some ungodly known resolution that only exists in Uzbekistan.
  • Actually don't expect anything fun or good, go into PSNOW ready to cancel, (THAT DAY so they don't ninja charge you) treat it like an impending enema and you might have fun playing one of the 8 pool simulators
  • God of War Ascension was fun, I'll give them that....but it just came out and the SOUND...GOD WHY...the horrid stereo sound, video artifacts, laggy gameplay (minor not gamebreaking lag)....really took it's toll on the overall experience of what I thought was a really fun game....just many distractions unfortunately. Ohhhh and that's one of the only good games...yeah, sorry.
  • Finally, with my money gone to another month of **bleep**, my ears burned by 2 bit music, and my eyes scorched by video artifact's and strange anime games that never made it I finally was at peace that the entire catalog was made up of games that retail under the cost of a single month's subscription!!  Ok maybe not at peace with it, yet.


First the Relatively Good...errr not terrible parts:


-It is pretty quick to get into and launch games (besides the patch you download every time you launch certain titles)

-Was supposed to fill a void of games I never got to play previously. For some this may be a nice draw, but please read the frustrating / negative before you dive in with your wallet spread eagle and start dishing out credit card digits to Sony


The Frustrating:


-Games that are re-made for specifically as 3-D remakes & 3D HD releases do not support 3D nor full HD resolution nor a slew of other gameplay features.

          ---->Personal Opinion: 3-D is a game changer for me in older games as it adds depth, improves character models and environment and gets rid of many ugly AA jaggies from the games that have not aged gracefully. So when I hopped into a game titled 3D remake I made the crazy illogical jump that it would support 3D

- PS Plus literally has a better selection of games for free each month. There are a few hidden gems but PS NOW seems to have worked diligently at ruining any chance of having a good experience with classic games.

-My Internet is extremely fast 30-50 Mb/s on DSL with 15 second ping time. But alas I cannot log into PS NOW half the time because my internet is too slow or some malfunction or is it because there is mildew growing on the Sony's servers....MY Internet speed is not moving, varying, dropping out, or malfunctioning as Sony's Support Staff would have you believe. I actually streamed 3 1080P movies while watching streaming TV to display that it was not some magic website giving my goofy speed/bandwidth read outs.


The infuriating, Ridiculous, Absolutely NO Excuse Section: (I am an easy going guy, who doesn't write reviews typically onr contact customer support for early bugs)

-TERRIBLE HORRID STEREO the only option for every single game. You are probably thinking, well I have my Playstation brand headset that will convert it to simulate surround sound...NOPE....You may think well at least it will still have a quality sound with a decent bitrate and sound positioning (NOOOOOOOPPPEE) ...It seriously ruined the experience for a few games for me, I have a 6,000 dollar 7.1 surround sound set up and I am seriously playing a game with Nintendo (original) level bitrates....and no your surround sound will not convert the sound to make it sound nice. I am HUGE on sound and music (clearly by this rant, lol) and they encoded it is some kind of Voodoo tin can that burns the sould and the ears.

- I was told that 3D and surround sound could not be supported due to customers bandwidth restrictions. Let me be clear when I say this is ENTIRELY FALSE!!!

Here are some stats that disprove that blatant lie given by the money grubbing, systemically flawed, broken multiplayer network, Security Breached **bleep** Sony calls their Network Infrastructure. Well, they must have 3 servers and are currently in a meeting discussing the cost benefit of purchasing a third server. '




The games they have on this service have been scaled down to a version worse than PS3 . To me this screams unethical to sell a product that could be supported to allow for better gameplay, sound, and a cohesive experience. I am in awe when I see that Sony is selling a product based on their sterling reputation of being a stable Internet gaming platform....... It is completely unexplainable why you would not allow those with adequate internet connections to receive A VERY COMPRESSED DOLBY file instead of the 2 bit sound we get from this let it go tell it breaks operation. This is is a money saving method, PERIOD! Netflix has 3d, I stream 7.1 Audio 1080P video and you are trying to tell me that "bandwidth" is why you're overpriced, under-supported service is not able to provide more than crackly stereo audio...much less 3D.


Bad Business practices doesn't make friends/or long term revenue streams:

-From your painfully inept customer service record, massive security breaches, to your willfully neglect of your customer by releasing products with full knowledge of the inadequate infrastructure for a projects that crumble under their own weight. It is one thing to be forward thinking, unfortunately, your current status is a company who has lost it's vision and now burdens it's customer with it's jaded outlook. I hope you will start investigating your systemic shortfalls and begin investing in your customers, rather than pilfering their investment in you


- Weak Hot Sauce with Milk & Sony still burned me:


So more blame game from Sony!! I shall dawn my armor of facts and fight this misinformation!! 


Son't would have us believe that is is the ISP's fault, lies, that is is the gamers wire conection's fault MORE LIES, when their main troubleshooting method is to plug your PS4 in with an Ethernet should immediately know they are preying on the young or just not knowledgeable on network infrastructure. But everyone in this business stretches the truth and lies....right.....nobody can stream games (except NVIDIA has been doing it for years from a micro machine that looks like a remote control.




So we are overpaying for old games that are not mostly PSN free or 2-3 dollars on Steam. Before you jump all over me they do have like 4 good games, bahahaha




So if the "ALMIGHTY BLU-RAY" demands & game streaming is too much for our puny consumer bandwidth, so you ponder, how does everything else work in HD, surround sound, 3D, and on multiple devices?? Because friends, it is not impossible, it is not magic, IT DOING BUSINESS ETHICALLY!!! Yeahhhhhh for ethics


But Sony said they wasn't enough bandwidth?


Sony would say that, they are filthy liars...hahah just kidding they just love money more than doing thing the right way....unfortunately now they are losing both! Who wants a Sony Laptop Vaio, who wants a Sony handheld device that plays games....hmm Vita...Vita -Vita - bit -the dust hard...HAHHAHA IN YOUR FACE CORPORATE GREED:


But seriously, because it is an interactive experience with real time data .....EXACTLY!!! So when I ping your server in 15 milliseconds and can pull in 30-50 MB/s of data you still want to stick with the blame the consumer standpoint Sony? "YES WE DO!! BANDWIDTH RESTRICTIONS ARE ALL OVER THE COUNTRY" so we have to cater to the greater good...AND YOU DON'T WANT TO PAY FOR AN INFRASTRUCTURE CAPABLE OF WITHSTANDING MILLIONS OF PINGS, EXCESSIVE TRAFFIC, AND IT OVERLOADS OUR POOR SERVERS ;'-( all 14 of them. DON'T IMPLEMENT WHAT YOU CAN'T SUPPORT! The fact that you are still charging people for this service is an outrage. If you are going to do something then do it right. Try taking the Nintendo Model, the Apple Model, the Dreamcast Model...wait that is exactly what you did to make PS NOW such a complete and laughable failure....Stereo Sound....HAHAHAHA.....Mulitplayer, impossible....HAHAHHAA....any extras that came with the original game that still says it is included on the artwork of the box that your are advertising the game with, Impossible to implement DLC after the fact, what do you think this is a game of the year edition that never won game of the year.....HAHAHAHA....3D, HD , Remastered....exact same version as on PS3, WAITTTT GOT it actually has none of those fact in stead of working with key infrastructure to prepare we worked dilligently to make the 3D box an exercise of is this not selecting because I'm doing something worng...or is this really not going to give me access to a 10 year old game that could have 10 frames in it and still stream better than netflix....Then we wrote and entire 3 pages on what this chopped up **bleep** version of the game can't do is small print, directly after your synopsis paragraph that described how great those things were....+1 SONY, IN YOUR FACE CONSUMER!!!


..... wait do you hear that? It's the FACT TRAIN...YeAHHHHHH!!!

Well, I 'll break it down for you then: (chooo chooo)

  • ,  a large blu-ray, with 3D, 1080p resolution AND Dolby Digital Plus audio, requires less than 10 Mb/s to stream without interruption. Well, this is embarrassing but I only got one of my degrees, with a focus on math. I'll try though, so that leaves a hefty 10 Mb/s buffer that could easily meet the bandwidth demand of a mere 50% of your average customer's bandwidth requirement. Now, knowing statistics, like I know you do, that means there is still plenty of customers left in the equation with more than 20 Mb/s and the wittle bandwidths between 10 & 20 Mb/s. After some calculus, trigonometry, and a compass with a dull pencil, I figured out the minimum customer base, that would benefit from this, would be more than 50 % of your subscribing customers. 
  • But I don't need math to know that Sony is a two face lying sack of **bleep** that could make streaming a viable medium. In stead they put little to no effort into the experience, nerfed the if they had great extra content anyway...but REALLY Sony?? 
  • I am sad for the gaming industry and so so happy that indie games are moving in front of these corporate piles of dung that don't deserve our respect or money. 

Peace out friends! I'm off to cancel my PSNOW subscription! I can't believe I forgot to do that....


Hope you enjoyed my rant and story book approach to living with Sony as they extrude slowly trough my tv and crackle in my ears.



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Re: PSNOW - Your complete guide to why it sucks

Feb 14, 2015

Some good points made there. Isn't it funny how gamers got mad at Microsoft over Xbox One's Cloud choice in the beginning and Micosoft had to do away with it?. Sony fooled their gamers and went and done just that. Sony is now the company thats pushing the cloud faster than Microsoft.

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Re: PSNOW - Your complete guide to why it sucks

Feb 15, 2015

Well, that was a lot of words.  It is too bad that your main points are based on a misconception, or are rehashes of things that were already covered more accurately elsewhere in the forum.  While PlayStation Now only talks about bandwidth, that isn't the only thing that matters.  As is the case with all online gaming, network latency matters too.  Game streaming requires a lot more bandwidth than a regular multi-player game, but the game will still be unplayable if there is too much lag.  Sony has actually tightened up the tolerances for lag since the early beta, to cut down on user experience complaints.  When the app tests your network connection, it is testing more than just your bandwidth (which can vary from one minute to the next, contrary to your belief).  It is also testing latency.  It doesn't mention latency because most people don't know what it is, or understand how it works, what factors affect it, or why it matters.  Network bandwith, and network latency, are essentially unrelated.  A 100Mbps connection can have poor latency, and a 1Mbps connection can have good latency.  Latency is mostly determined by the path that your connection takes on the Internet.  That is completely beyond your control, and only within your ISP's control to a limited extent. That is why ISPs are always happy to sell you more bandwidth, but they won't sell you better latency.  Even if you knew what latency is, they could not guarantee a maximum number.  It doesn't matter how high your bandwidth is.  You can still fail the PlayStation Now connection test.


By the way, you can't cancel a PlayStation Now subscription.  You can only cancel automatic renewal of the subscription.  No matter what you do, you still get to enjoy it for the rest of the term, if you choose.

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Re: PSNOW - Your complete guide to why it sucks

Feb 15, 2015
All they need to do is up the resolution and add more games and it would be perfect.
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Re: PSNOW - Your complete guide to why it sucks

Jul 21, 2015
The connection to their servers is crap. I have amazing internet so there should never be a problem, yet I can't get through a fight on final fantasy without being disconnected. It's very frustrating when it happens with EVERY game. And they only have very small selection of anything good. With how things have been running on their side. Prices need to come down a bit.
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Re: PSNOW - Your complete guide to why it sucks

Aug 13, 2015
It's only good if you like paying for games you already bought years ago. But now you can "stream" them, isn't it amazing?!?!??! Buy them again you **bleep**. This is why the systems aren't backwards compatible. So the dumb **bleep** buy the same games again and again.
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Re: PSNOW - Your complete guide to why it sucks

Aug 13, 2015

Totally agree, psnow is complete garbage!!

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Re: PSNOW - Your complete guide to why it sucks

[ Edited ]
Aug 15, 2015

Just tried PS-Now and it only took me 20 minutes to see and hear how bad this service truly is. Pay 20 a month for low quality games in terms of resolution and sound. Also noticed lag -- lots of lag! At times playing GOD my jump would fail in combat. This service is not worth 4.99 a month. As a Die hard PC gamer, this is one reason I hate consoles. Big corporations like Sony abuse gamers with BS smiles and cheap talk. Just look how developers speak to consoles gamers. $$$ say BS to appease others.

Take uncharted:4 30 fps gameplay. They said it took them time, but they feel 30fps will be the better gameplay experience. lol. Like hell it would! Who are these people fooling? They added graphics options in Last of US ( 30 or 60 ) but they can't add this into uncharted:4 because it will give you, the console gamer a better gameplay experience... Talk like that truly gets under my skin, when they know **bleep** well its all smoke and mirrors. 





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Re: PSNOW - Your complete guide to why it sucks

Aug 20, 2015

To me, the quality and features of this "service" don't really mean a danm thing. I will not pay for essentially nothing and then pay AGAIN to rent a game. Its idiotic and rediculous! IMO, for this "service" to be worth its salt, the service should be 100% free since you still have to rent games. Or at the very least make it a PSPlus thing only. But even then, the pricing is just plain dumb (who the hell rents a game for a day?!?!). $1 a day? Thats $28-$31 per game, per month.....Ill stick to gamefly and put that $30/mo on 3 games! It's actually cheaper to just pick up a PS3 from a pawn show and get some games from the bargin bin. Even renting games from a store is cheaper (at least around where I live). 

Quality of the service aside, it doesn't stand on its own two feet simply because of the pricing scheme. I mean c'mon, $20/mo just to be eligible to rent PS3 games for $30/mo?? **bleep**?!?

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Re: PSNOW - Your complete guide to why it sucks

Dec 2, 2015
Let's just be honest here. How about scrap PS Now and create the emulator that allows my PS4 to play the hundreds of (now) wasted dollars on games in the past that I have bought. PS classics, ps2 and PS3 games that all went right in the **bleep** garbage along with my PS3 system. Seriously though, on top of not allowing me to do this and substituting some lame **bleep** subscription service, you MADE me obtain PS plus just to play online. Unbelievable, Microsoft bandwagon much? Hate you now.
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