Mar 18 2017
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PS NOW Download won't work

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Hey so the PS Now download in order to get the actual Application to download won't work. It says that PS NOW will not work on Windows 7 which is weird cause it says that PS NOW is supported on Windows 7 is there anyone that can help me?
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Re: PS NOW Download won't work

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When you say that "It" says that Windows 7 is supported, what do you mean by "It"?  The system requirements on the app download page do not specify versions of Windows.  It just says "Compatible Windows PC".  Windows 7 PCs may have been compatible when the app was first released on PC, but that does not mean that the current version of the app must also support Windows 7 PCs. In case you are not aware, Sony has announced plans to dramatically reduce the supported platforms for the PlayStation Now app during the spring and summer of this year.  That likely includes older versions of Windows, even though that was not specifically addressed in the announcement.

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