Mar 20 2017
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Accidently bought PS Now, how to get money back

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Good afternoon

I accidently bought PS Now subscription, and i want to cancel it and get my money back, my bandwit isn't great so using PS Now is pointless for me, it you could plese help i would greatly appreciate it.

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Re: Accidently bought PS Now, how to get money back

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All sales are final in the PlayStation Store.  You are never entitled to a refund for anything purchased in the PlayStation Store, for any reason, including mistaken purchase.  Sony has been known to sometimes allow a one-time-ever exception refund, for some content, as a  customer courtesy; but probably not for this.  You have to contact PlayStation customer support by phone (800-345-SONY), or live chat (, only; to request a courtesy refund, and then wait a few days to see if you will get one.  If you do get a refund, you are unlikely to ever get one again, so you may want to save it for something that costs more.

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