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Wired vs. Wireless Networking Pros and Cons

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This thread is to provide people with information they may need to be able to decide which networking they wish to use in there home and for their PS3 gaming system.

Feel free to add other advantages/disadvantages to each type of network. 


Advantages of Wireless Networking



Wireless networking devices enable you to use your computer, laptop or game console anywhere in the house and be on the network or get access to the Internet. Even if you have a large house, wireless signal will generally gothrough walls and ceilings. If you need to extended distances you can use access points to boost the wireless signal (a great plus for those with very large houses).



Buying and installing structured Ethernet networking cables into your home can be a costly exercise. Setting up a basic wireless home network can cost significantly less.



If you choose to set-up a wireless home network you do not need to run cables acrossyour house, which can create trip hazards across rooms, hallways and stairs. Also choosing to set-up a wireless home network means that you do not need to run cables underneath carpets or drill holes through walls or ceilings to pass cables through.



Advantages of Wired Networking



Wired connections can reach networking speeds of up to 1000 Mbps, necessary for bandwidth hungry userssuch as avid gamers, graphic designers or users downloading large media files.However, for most users 54 or 108 Mbps networking speeds are more thansufficient for everyday networking activities such as: Emailing, surfing theweb, downloading files, music and video, accessing corporate information andplaying console games.



Physical, fixed wired connections are not prone to interference and fluctuations in available bandwidth, which can affect some wireless networking connections. 



If you decide to build a wired home network, you don't have to worry about yournetworking signal travelling through the air and being interrupted by hackers etc, which can happen if you don't protect your wirelessnetwork. There are very effective security measures (encryption) for wireless networks - you just need to remember to add passwords to your wireless network settings to stop neighbours from nicking your wireless connection.







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