Aug 14 2010
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Trophies not syncing - Issue

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Hi! First time posting here...


So, it all started some weeks ago, when a friend told me "hey! you forgot to Sync your trophies before getting your new PS3! now you're missing 3 trophies for the GoW Platinum!!" (my 1st PS3 died due to YLOD). I got sad...


After getting my new PS3 (250gb slim w/ LBP GOTY) I installed my account and there it was! my GoW Platinum! which to date has never shown up on his system.


Last night, we were playing Scott Pilgrim on his PS3, got 3 trophies and we updated... when i got home, i updated my system to sync and i still got the same 2 old trophies i got from before, nothing from the new 3 ones...


weird thing is, checking my profile, i can see the last 3 trophies i got., and in i can see my level according to date with all trophies but doesn't even shows any Scott Pilgrim trophies...


what can I do to have all trophies on my system? no matter how much i sync my trophies, it doesn't reflect anything new... i'm getting kinda frustrated...


Thanks everyone.

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Re: Trophies not syncing - Issue

Aug 15, 2010

Problem solved... got a new trophy and did sync operation and it was all there again...

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