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Monster Hunter
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Re: Sony Exploring Online Pass

Sep 8, 2010

What the hell happened to video games? Is it ALL about the money? Why release a game, but only let people play half of it unless they pay more? Is $60 for a game not good enough? Greed sucks.

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Fender Bender
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Re: Sony Exploring Online Pass

Sep 8, 2010


SoCalJunglism wrote:

You guys really need to read the articles you post. They're not charging for online, they're giving a one-time use pass for online services with all new games and making used-buyers pay additional charges to play online if they wish.


There's nothing wrong with it, at all. I buy new because I support developers. If you consider yourself a gamer you should do the same.



The problem with this is, that a lot of games you can only find used.

But they have online too.

I want to buy new but when i find a used copy, and not a new one.

I will buy used plain and simple.


Companies need to produce more games if they want to make money.

Also after a few months they need to reduce the prices.

There are still games out the cost $60 from 3 years ago..

Don't know if the companies are doing this or sony, or even the store.

But it is down right ridiculous.


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