Nov 22 2010
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PsP Go Consumer Watchdog complaint.

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An error has occurred. (80023102) I brought my PcP Go on the strength that i could download and play games on the go as advertised, as a PC user i noted that you could use Media Go and i would get 10 free games (great deal!!), the reality is: the game offer is only for WI-Fi users, my credit card has been invalid for a week, Play-station network helpline cannot help me, they say try different address etc, i cannot get my free games because i downloaded the promotion via Media Go!, just what kind of **bleep** product are they selling here?, they should be had under the trade descriptions act for selling a product under false pretences, "gaming on the go if you have Wi-Fi" it should have read, then i would have got a PsP 3000 or a bloody Nintendo, as it is i am stuck with a cute object that plays demos, "PsP Demo on the go" should be the sodding slogan, i then tried what the helpline guy said and get onto Wi-Fi, went to the library connected to their free Wi-Fi, got on the Net ok but when i tried to get into the Playstation Network i got error 20000006 Jesus!!! If you have a similar experience please share it thanks
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Re: PsP Go Consumer Watchdog complaint.

Nov 22, 2010
dude i have a GO myself and i cant download content onto it on my psp or on my computer (well the psps takes like 250-300 estimatedd minutes to download even a 25 minute tv show ) if your card is invaild try buying some psn cards and going to different wifi spots some get alot of traffic and the psn (it free) sucks
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