Dec 18 2007
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My PSN connection experience

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So a couple weeks ago i bought my ps3, (i loove it) but i always was getting dns errors and getting signed out and other bad things

i tried to configure my router and such, setting the ps3 to a static ip and DMZ, but still errors, i read about the nat type but when i tested the connection the nat type didnt work (i dont remember exactly what it said)

so this morning i decided to put dd-wrt on my router (wrt54g v5) ive been wanting to do that for a long time, and i set up DMZ and everything and now its good as new! its set at nat type 2 and there are no more errors and its as fast as my internet for downloads

so if you have a linksys router maybe you should consider this, i know of a lot of people having problems out there

(woo woo first post)
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