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Re: LET us listen to our music while playing games..

Aug 28, 2010


BBurgSteve wrote:


arafey wrote:


Are you telling me that I should buy an ipod just because my $600 "media" machine can't play music while I'm troubleshooting network settings or display problems? Why should I put on little ipod earbuds when I have a great speaker system hooked up to my tv. Why would I put on headphones when I also want to hear the game?


If this was a difficult task, I would leave it alone. But this is a basic feature, I could even program it myself, and it's something that any entertainment center should be able to do. It wouldn't even bother me if this was just a video game console. But when a company says they're going to give me a media machine or a supercomputer, I expect it to perform.


I'm lucky, I got my PS3 for free, you guys lose $600. If none of you guys want to care about this problem when you paid for it, then I shouldn't care either.


Name one other "media" device that allows you to play your own music while you are watching a DVD or futzing with the device's settings.  I don't know about you, but I can't think of one.  Okay, the iPhone can play music while you are futzing with settings, but the music stops when you start utilizing another form of media on it (ie open youtube or start watching a movie).


Unless you bought a cheap sound system to go with your entertainment system, it probably has a way to hook up a secondary music device.  Even the $200 soundbar/subwoofer setup I have has an auxilliary input (a standard 3.5mm stereo jack).


Bottom line is that it is up to game developers to include the option to play custom soundtracks.  Posting here does no good.  One, because nobody that matters at Sony reads these forums and two, because nobody that matters at game developer's offices read these forums.


As for Sony making it universal, it has been shown several times on these forums that it is a legal issue.


I'm not going to argue this any further than this post.


Devices that let you multitask while playing music: any desktop pc or laptop or netbook in the world with any major os (windows, mac, linux, unix, sun, etc.), xbox 360, PVR devices/FTA satellite boxes, my dvd player and this is my favorite, even my router can do it. Yes, my little 4 year old asus router with linux on it can stream music to 2 computers, my ps3 and a laptop while routing thousands of connections, powering a huge omnidirectional antenna on my roof and running filters/dhcp server/web server/streaming videos/downloading media, etc.


For the multi-core Cell B.E. powered PS3 to not do this while my little telnet controlled router can is a big shame. My speakers are my old set from roland which are actually for computers. They're amazing except they only have one input since it's for a computer.


I agree that this forum does no good, so I'm not going to **bleep** about problems anymore here since we got the share blog.


As I mentioned before, the legal reasons have no basis, and any patent infringement that's possible will never win in a court case. It's kind of like that patent that apple owns for "sliding your finger to unlock phone", nobody could win a court case because of a stupid patent like that, I've talked to a friend of mine who is a law student about this.


In the end though, you say that we should accomodate ourselves for sony's shortcomings, whereas I digress and say that sony should fix it. No point in furthering this discussion. Especially here.

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