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Aug 15 2010
By: azimuth457 First Son 1 posts

Important! ~ Downloadable content(add-ons)

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Hello, I just not long ago downloaded an add-on for the game Little Big Planet, titled the Pirates of the Caribbean level pack.

It came with the water global control, and my brothers, using a different user and PSN wanted to use the global control on their levels(they have many more than I do, with many more items available to use in their levels).

I was wondering if this game-sharing thing was possible within different users on the same PS3, because they can't use the water global controls on the same account, leaving the purchase only half-usable.

(I don't want them running amok with my credit card so I don't want them on my PSN whenever they want anyways)


Can anyone help me? Why is this purchase separated on all accounts of the PS3 when things like costume packages aren't?


I think the most confusing part about this is, I can't re-download the pack I already have and install it again on the same PS3 anyways, can I?

Am I supposed to install it on the other accounts too? If so, can anyone direct me as to how I can do that?

Thanks to all who give help.

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