Aug 11 2010
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Here's something PSN could at least do..Read...

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Ok, well I know most want cross chat, but I'm not gona get into that. One thing they should at least add with the chat feature is being able to view your profile, your trophies and other peoples profile while in the chat. Also, let things download in the background. Is it that hard to do?  I think it's just one of those simple things the PSN team or whatever can do. I mean, it took them a year or two to take the battery from blocking the clock. I wonder how long it'll take them to figure this out..? It seems some of the simplest things can be done, but sadly they take so long and they just focus on updating the PS store and wasting there time with home. (not saying home is a bad thing, but it's just boring) I'm sure almost everyone can agree on this.

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