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Aug 16 2010
By: rfgburn First Son 3 posts

Game disappeared!

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Hello friends.


Yesterday, I bought Burnout Paradise: Ultimate bundle and I played it for an hour and it was fun. Today I decided to patch it because when I bought it, I had internet problems (read; really slow internet) and couldn't. So I patch it successfully and log in. Strangely, after the patch, I was unable to choose any of the cars advertised to be in the ultimate bundle and it asked me if I wanted to buy all the different cars, in other words, I only had access to the stock models. Kinda strange I thought. So I went into the PSN and shockingly, on the recently downloaded tab, it told me I only bought Burnout Paradise. This has to be false because my Transaction History clearly states I paid $33 for Burnout Paradise: Ultimate Bundle. The mystery continues, as Burnout Paradise: Ultimate Bundle is nowhere to be found in the buy games list. What the **bleep** happened here and where is my game that I paid for?

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First Son
Registered: 08/16/2010
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Re: Game disappeared!

Aug 16, 2010
Disregard this post I'm an idiot please lock.
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