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Sep 11 2008
By: Last_Raven Treasure Hunter 9362 posts

Folding@Home Back to School Foldathon

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Are you going through PS3 withdrawals since going back to school?


There's just no time to play anymore between going to school, sports, clubs, detention, or any other school related activities you may be involved in. Chances are that your PS3 is feeling withdrawals too.


Lonely days with the power off as it is lying under the TV like a faithful pet, waiting for it's master to return and play with it, only to be disappointed until the weekend comes along. There is something you can do for your faithful summer buddy, giving him something to do while your at school. 


Make your PS3 feel wanted again with the Foldathon! From now until next Wednesday, we'll be having a Foldathon! Get yer PS3s revved up and going again and start up Folding@Home. Clean off the dust from the first few weeks of school and listen to it hum with delight as it folds those proteins for you. You're not using while you're at school so why not let it do some good for the community? All we ask for is to complete one unit, because one unit more is one closer to finding the cures to a number of diseases that plague our society.


Thanks for Folding!

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