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Nov 22 2010
By: gshoval First Son 2 posts

DLNA error 2104 on a wired (not wireless) setup

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I'm running the latest PS3 firmware (3.50) with wired connection to my router (my PC running windows 7 ultimate is also wire connected to it).

My PC is set to be on the DMZ on my router and also the firewall is disabled. All DLNA services are working (on the router and PC).

My PS3 detects the PS3 media server (I tried both version 1.10.51 and 1.20.412) and I can see all my movies on the PC.

I can start viewing a movie but after an hour or so the movie gets stuck and I get a DLNA 2104 error message.

Afterwards, my PS3 cannot receive a DHCP address and I can resolve it only by restarting my PS3 and the PS3 media server.

Then I can watch for another hour or so before the error returns...


Does any one have any idea??? 

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