Jun 22 2013
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why my ps3 isn't connecting to the psn

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I fortunately didn't update to the dreaded 4.45 but yet after that happened. My PS3 or psn keep logging me off and when I sign back in I am unable to. I figured how to make it work by just turning off the console and turning it back on. But that don't work as much anymore and it getting pretty frequent w/getting disconnected. I know my router is updated, so what else can it be??? Will the new update come out soon and hopefully can correct all the issues many consumers are facing now. Because I don't know what else to do.
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Re: why my ps3 isn't connecting to the psn

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Jun 22, 2013

I am having a similar issue. My connections are working, and I left it for a day... it has been turned on/off twice now. Cannot sign in to PSN, and then after a bit it says I've been disconnected from the media server. It was working fine 36 hours ago... after the update, same internet router, provider... nothing has changed. Please advise!!!!


Edit: resetting my router seems to have done the trick!

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