Mar 18 2013
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why do i need visa to reedem 30 days free ps plus

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i got 30 days free ps plus when i reedem it want visa information to complete process but i dot have one what can i do?

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Re: why do i need visa to reedem 30 days free ps plus

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Mar 18, 2013

Its 30 days free for those who can prove they could pay for the full service... those over 18 who have credit cards...

SCEI are not realy interested in free loaders the offer is meant to get you to sign up and pre pay for 3 months or a year after you tried it...

They know alot of users fake there age on account and the offer is for over 18s only...

Its T&C, ignore it and ditch the offer or fill in your credit cards details then cancel the auto renew...

The offer is not for PSN voucher users...


PS+ works by taking automatic payment out your account every 3 months or every year... for that you need a credit card... PSN 

voucher top ups don't allow auto payment so PS+ can expire...

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