Feb 24 2011
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uPnP Problem Please Help!

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Here is the case. Recently I tried playing online on Resident Evil 5 and Borderlands. I can't host an online game in which my friends could join. I don't have a problem connecting to Playstation Network itself. I can message and add friend, download demos etc. But its very weird connecting through the game gives me errors.

So I did some research and it told me to fix certain settings on my router and PS3. I manually created the connection to my router + modem and I successfully connected. On my router, I set DMZ Host for PS3, forwarded ALL Ports for PSN and Enabled uPnP.

But on my PS3 when I do the connection test I get the following:

Nat type 2

uPnP: Not Available

I have DSL connection running through Verizon, my modem + router is Westell 7500.

Can some one please help me with my problem?

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