Mar 28 2013
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trophies wont sync

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the last few days my trophies wont sync.  it very slowly gets to 17% and then just exits to the xmb with no error code and my latest game (terraria) trophies will not show.  any suggestions?  i am not even getting an error code it just gets to 17% and acts like it completed, but it very obviously does not.  also have reset my modem adn router and it makes no diference, and my vita trophies seem to sync just fine.


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Re: trophies wont sync

Mar 28, 2013


This happened to me once, it would stop at 8%, then 9% then 10% etc until eventually it would sync all the way, try not to worry about it so much, it'll clear itself soon enough.




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Re: trophies wont sync

Aug 7, 2013

Im having this problem now with the ibb and obb title not showing up in my trophy list i gotten one trophy from the game last night when i sync it it slowly went to 17% and finish but the trophy wasn't there nor the title of the game is there a way to fix this?

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