Feb 14 2013
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recover account

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Hello good what I did to lose my account, my account ID Alx_Snake USA had the email to reset after blz alxslayerzombies @ ... blz vendidido my ps3 had deactivated the account until all certim ae blz adiquiri another ps3 tried to enter the account password by pc but no damage tava right up to it and everything went well change the password to and that good comes the problem! instead of putting the email alxslayer .... I put the email alxsnakeee ...... tah site was pro sony reset the password but look what just happened to me but type the password redefined the region was USA became the br nothing changed p id Alx_Snake to Alxsnake lost my trophies and online shopping and games in progress type in my cod mw3 prestige 20 prestige bo bo 3 2 2 prestige mw mw2 prestige 9 prestige world at war prestige 1 10'm very upset DLCs bought several games varios various themes and avatars games what to do please someone a child of God I'm desperate for help that account HEEEELLPPP!
  I thank anyone who can help me Att Alexie

the problem and that the account no longer exists so I know which email n ta tied it help me!! account and another account that appeared was that I never wore more and I think I have put her ki activated when I reset the password to that email linked largest tava ki n roll now will be hard to know which email account in ta Alx_Snake aff

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Re: recover account

Feb 14, 2013

Sorry, cannot understand most of what you posted.


You might try posting in the forum of your own language.  Do a search.

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