Mar 20 2013
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"Undergoing maintenance" on one account, but not other accounts *Possible Fix*

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I got the error message 8002A203 along with "Undergoing maintenance" while trying to sign into my main account. and just to check, i tried to sign into a secondary account and it logged in with no problems. After browsing and researching on the web, i have found little to solve this issue. So just for my own ammusement, i disconeccted the internet cable from my ps3 and switched it over to wireless connection. i then tested the connection and it successfully signed into playstation network. after that i reconnected the internet cable back into the ps3 to check if it was going to work, and it did! So this is a fix. For those who had the same problem as i did and can use wired and wireless connections on their ps3, please try it and post if it works for you also. Hope this helps people and cheers.

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