Jun 12 2013
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"Service is down for maintenance" no psn for me!!!

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when attempting to log into psn store i get a message stating service is down for maintenance...

this started after coming back to south africa from US while there i created a US psn account and added it to a new profile (second user) on my PS3.  great.... now im back in SA  i deleted the second profile... but my psn store just wont login... ive tried factory defualts and still not working... im just baffled as my brothers psn works perfectly and mine just says "service down for maintenance" ive tried re adding my US account but get same message when logging into store... my brother helped me do a DNS thingy but no changes except that netflix and hulu can work while DNS is set to US... but no PSN Store?  there is no one in SA willing to help me ive contacted sony support but they referred me to ster kinikor who in turn sent me a form to fill out and send back. and that was a week ago... now im turning to thee awesome people of the sony community for advice! please help me as i have PSN PLUS and cant utilize its store benefits at all!




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Re: "Service is down for maintenance" no psn for me!!!

Jun 12, 2013



WOW That worked.....

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