Feb 07 2012
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"Network Error" ending games.

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Anytime I play online, I can't finish games before I'm kicked out and the screen reads, "A network error has ended this game." But only I am kicked out. The game continues without me. This happens on NBA2k12. I have had Charter (my internet provider) out twice to try and fix it. And they tell me it isn't anything they are resposible for. But this doesn't happen to other people who play the same game. One guy told me he's never been kicked out of a game of NBA2k12. But it happens to me about 50% of the time. What is causing this, or what can I do?

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Re: "Network Error" ending games.

Feb 7, 2012

What time of day are you playing?  Multi-player online gaming requires a low-latency network connection with very few packet drops, in order to work well. One of the ways that people cheat in online games is to tamper with the delivery of network packets.  Even relatively brief delays in the delivery of packets, or occasional loss of packets, can cause you to be dropped from some multi-player games.  Cable TV networks are designed for efficient streaming of data to a large number of users. Not for low-latency delivery of single packets, and certainly not for reliable delivery (an occasional dropped packet in a video stream isn't even noticeable).  The other people playing the game could simply have more consistent and reliable network connections. Dropped packets are normal, and permitted by the Internet protocol; but they cause problems for software that uses UDP protocols; including online games.  The problem will happen more often when the network is busy, and cable TV Internet is notorious for congestion during the late afternoon and early evening hours.  Try playing late at night, or early in the morning, and see if that improves things.  If congestion is the problem, then there is really nothing that you or the ISP can do about it.  You would have to switch to a different Internet service, or avoid playing during high-network-usage periods.

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