Sep 15 2011
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"Ethernet cable not connected" - even though with my PC the cable works.

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Good day,

I just recently (2 weeks or so ago) bought a CECH-2504A Playstation 3 Slim with 160GB. But it was only today that I tried to connect it to the Internet for the first time.

Generally, everything is working fine, but I frequently get short disconnects that manifest themselves in the message "Ethernet cable not connected". As a result, I get disconnected after 5 minutes or so whenever I try to play a game online (in this case, Demon's Souls).

I recognized that trying to download a demo from the store, for example, is a "guaranteed disconnect". Right at the start of the download.

Now bear in mind that my PC works flawlessly with the exact same network setup, it is stands right next to my PS3, I just took the cable from my PC and connected it to the PS3.

What I have tried so far:

- Used different ethernet cable

- Turned off router, then after 30 seconds turned it on again

- Completely restored my PS3 via the recovery menu

All to no avail whatsoever.

I could find several similar problems on the Internet, but none of them really helped.

Any help is much appreciated :Smile:



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Re: "Ethernet cable not connected" - even though with my PC the cable works.

Sep 19, 2011

Is your router's firmware upgraded?

Also, view the following thread, as it may assist you.

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