Sep 06 2013
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question about paypal without credit card

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dose the psn support adding funds with a paypal account thats linked to a bank account without a creditcard at longs if the amount is in the paypal account i do know that paypal no longer supports instant bank transfers you have the amount of the purchues in your paypal account

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Re: question about paypal without credit card

Sep 6, 2013

Hi boo1,


You can use Paypal to fund your wallet directly.


The details are here:




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Re: question about paypal without credit card

Sep 7, 2016

link leads nowhere. and when i go to use paypal on my ps4 it will say incorrect password or email every time, on the website when i try to use a paypal it askes for credit card right away, no option for bank to wallet from paypal at all. so this is not solved. very upsetting. Ive been on playstation since ps1 and im seriously consindering other consles which would make me a hippocrite since ive been bashing them for years. Too many little issues on your systems, constantly. game crashes every 10 minutes and servers constantly down, and now i cant even buy a game because you want a credit card. get your **bleep** together sony

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