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Jul 27 2013
By: abnormalCOYOTE66 First Son 6 posts


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Hi i have an unwanted user using my psn. I just changed the password on the pc. My question is since i changed my pw will that user have access to my account? Another words he doesnt have my new password so was he kicked off my account? Also if he downloaded my games off my psn account to his system will he be able to play them without my password? I just want to know if i completly removed him off my account and have no access to my account and games
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Re: psn

Jul 27, 2013

If he doesn't know your current password, then he has no access to your account.  He can still play any games of yours that are already installed on his console.  He just can't download any more of them.  There is no way that you can remove the ability for him to play the games that are already on his console.

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Re: psn

Jul 28, 2013

Duplicate post, please feel free to reply here.

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