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Dec 07 2013
By: RidzOneSix First Son 1 posts

psn user id help

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Hello, I've created a userid ridz16 a long time ago and now I cannot access it.  When I tried to do password reset, it says my email is not on the system???  so I've created a new account with this one.


- I was wondering if sony/psn could merge this new account to my other account with userid ridz16

- If its not possible to merge, please give me access to my old account...... so I can change the email to ***  (ill answer any question or info that you need on my ridz16 account)


as you can see if you searched for my userid you will find that I have no games no nothing on it.  I recently purchased ps3 with Gaems Vanguard with Final Fantasy XIII/ XIII-2,  and was hoping to add them to my psn only to find out this issue.


Contact support is a little tough to get to, the chat is always busy and the phone is not working, I wait for 30+ minutes and keep hearing the wait music.

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Re: psn user id help

Dec 8, 2013

Welcome to the Playstation Community first i suggest to take out your emal as we are not allowed to share then here for our own security.Sony cannot merge accounts however if you want to contact then about getting your account back.Follow the link below.


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