Jul 31 2013
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psn card damaged

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I scratched off the stuff on my psn card and scratched a little too hard. I don't have the reciept because I threw it away thinking I wouldn't need it. I need some help me please I would appreciate it much. The code that is there is ****


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Re: psn card damaged

Jul 31, 2013

Hi Xx_natehole24_xX,


The support article below has a section on damaged PSN cards that may help




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Re: psn card damaged

Aug 1, 2013
Thanks for the suggestion but I don't have the reciept to take a photo of and send it to sony. I bought this a long time ago and its ripped in half and the code is scratched off partially. I guess ill have to just go to walmart and buy another one
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Re: psn card damaged

Sep 10, 2013

I just solved the problem for my son.  He damaged the code while scratching it.  And it was unreadable.  I tried the live chat under the Support.  Someone was online right away to assist me.  All I needed to provide is the number on the back of the card and provided whatever characters that were still readable.  He retrived the code!!  My son is going to be so happy!!!

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Re: psn card damaged

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Jul 11, 2014

last time I had the same issue support did not helped and instructed me return it back to the store.


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