Aug 29 2013
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problems with mob of the dead zombie map

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After I downloaded the Uprising BO2 DLC I noticed that the zombie mode "mob of the dead" was a little buggy: first, the intro has no audio and just this is pretty disappointing, then when i go up to the power boxes, the usual "press square-button to enter Afterlife" doesn't show up, instead i see " ZM_PRISON_AFTERLIFE_KILL", same with the acid traps. How is this possible? I purchased the dlc through the PSStore for 15 euros, and i get a glitchy version?! Also, c'mon treyarch, 4dlc's? it's like a completely different game, im not sure i will be getting Ghosts, and even the ps4 at this point...

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Re: problems with mob of the dead zombie map

Aug 30, 2013

Here's an Activision support article on troubleshooting Uprising DLC:

You can also do a file system restore on your system. Go to safe mode then select restore file system or select option 3.

Here's how to get to safe mode:

Hope this helped!

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