Nov 17 2013
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problems with a redeemed a code

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i jsut redeemed a code for call of duty ghost (bonus digital content ) on my ps4 and when i enter the code it pop me to the downloading area as soon as i download the first thing of the code it pop me to the installation window and when it finished i couldnt download the other stuff that comes with the code, and cant find in the ps4 the history of our upload of content to the system like the history list we had on the ps3, any hlp plz?

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Re: problems with a redeemed a code

Nov 17, 2013

This worked for me last night... I followed it step by step and it worked like a charm.


1) delete ghosts data from ps4 (on the xmb hit options button on the game, select delete.
2) go to settings/app saved data management/saved data in system storage then delete.
3) take out the game
4) shut off ps4
5) go to the your psn store ( on a computer and go to your download list - stop
6) turn on ps4
7) log in and insert ghost disc -- this should start to reinstall it
8) at the same time it is reinstalling go back your download list on the psn store and select download to PS4

once i selected download to ps4 i received a pop up notification on my ps4.

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