Feb 16 2013
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probation 4 not finishing **bleep**

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just got a time out for not finishing games, 1st i did not have game sound, then left a super lagy game then team killed out of 1 after teammates run n infront of me , then i get a 5 min time out. R U KIDDING ME. how bout you fix some of that horrible game lag or something useful, i can barely  stand b ops 2 as it is, my fav is when u set ur connection to best and get in a game no 1 speaks english, or u come in the middle of a 65 to 10 slaughter fest like ur gonna tuff it out, u should def b able to leave crap or lag games when ever u want. so fix those problems instead of treatn us like children w ur time outs, and guess how much more $$$$ im gonna spend on ur season pass s and new maps????? now go fix ur lag and find the hacks instead of doin dumb stuff like that, nice 1.

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Re: probation 4 not finishing **bleep**

Feb 16, 2013

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Re: probation 4 not finishing **bleep**

Feb 17, 2013


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