Oct 02 2013
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playstation3 internet update date 2-3 of October 2013

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greetings playstation support i had a problem today updating my playstation3  via internet and an error 8002F0C1 accured i tried to restart my playstation3 but it didn't help i tried it many time but the same virus just can't let me update my system,i hope someone can help me with this problem today :-)

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Re: playstation3 internet update date 2-3 of October 2013

Oct 2, 2013


This is not SONY support.  You've posted in a forum made up of Playstation users JUST LIKE YOU.  I posted a link above to the explanation of the error and possible solutions.


If you've rebooted your console, router and modem and tried to update your console via the internet and it's still not working then I suggest you try updating via PC.  The method is in the link below:

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