May 15 2012
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nothing is working. HALP

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i have a wgr614v6 netgear router and for some reason i can't connect to psn at all. sometimes i'll change a random setting and it'll work when i to the connection test but once i go to play a game it doesn't work. i've tried port forwarding and that didn't work. right now my ps3 is in dmz mode and it still doesn't work. i'm using google's dns servers which are working fine for my pc. i've tried upnp on and off. media server is disabled. i've even tried using my pc as a local proxy because i heard that improves connections but it couldn't even connect to the internet. i've turned off spi firewall, nat filtering is open, respond to ping is checked. i've tried RIP directing, i think i've gone through every single thing there is but i still can't get my ps3 to connect to psn. what else can i do?

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