Sep 16 2013
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no download link after completing the purchase (buy download)

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I purchased Gran Turismo (psp) to use on my PSVita but there was no download link, I did in fact select "Buy Download" and the PS Vita shows it but won't let me download it. I figured ok then I guess I have to download it directly onto my Vita. When I connect to the PSN while on my Vita I see a message in the "download list" that states "Cannot download using a PS Vita system".


This is pretty messed up considering if you look at the page I linked is from sony's own web site. It clearly states that the usable platform is " Platform:PSP®, PSVita ".


So how do I download the game with no download link? 


BTW... From within the actual PSN store where it normally says "add to cart", now says "You purchased this product". But below it only shows psp, not psvita.


So what's te deal? I already paid and now I can't use the game?

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Re: no download link after completing the purchase (buy download)

Sep 16, 2013

The deal is that the pages for PSP games are incorrect.  They list almost all PSP games in the Playstation Store as Vita-compatible, when in fact most of them are not.  However, the Playstation Store correctly lists and describes Gran Tursimo as playable only on the PSP, and that is the web page that counts in this case. Not the page.  You are not entitled to a refund, as it is your fault for not checking the description of the game in the Playstation Store before buying it.  You can request a refund by contacting Playstation customer support by phone or live chat (, but you don't really have a good case to request a refund.  Sometimes they will give you a break. 

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Re: no download link after completing the purchase (buy download)

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Sep 24, 2013

I contacted customer support and gave them the link to the official sony playstation web page that displays the game incorrectly as well as the link to this thread. He looked at them both and flat out said YOU (GKP) are wrong.  I was given a full refund.


I tried contacting them first but they were closed so I thought I would check the forum. Looks like misinformation flows freely here.

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