Jan 30 2011
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look this is serious

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dear playstation,

                    this truley is a serious matter in online gaming and even if there is not much feedback its because whoever has a psn account is either not using it or is not using the forums. but anyway this is about the ability to "change online id". its something almost everyone wants.. you see people want to change their names for various reasons, for me its because people cant even say my name "akoserake" they pronounce it as ako-sa-rake, trust me its not, they could also want to change their names because of people making fun of it or saying it "sucks"....  so far ive met over a few hundred people complaining about the matter and if you will please on the next system update add a feature that allows to change names under network settings. and if not at least limit the amount of time you can change your name please..\

playstation has grown into an amazing system since its early days it only lacks a few things that the xbox can do. like play music while playing or "change name". but the playstation has soooo many more features. last time i checked the 360 cant use bluetooths or connects to printers. Playstation rules anad so far you guys are in the lead even if xbox was system of the year 2010.

if anyone agrees to change anyones "online ID" please support this simple cause.

                                                                                                                                                                                              from akoserake

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Re: look this is serious

Jan 31, 2011

Please NEVER, EVER add this feature.

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