Sep 12 2012
By: TheDodgyGeezah Monster Hunter 32 posts

just had to re-register all my accts.......wth?

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heres how it happened, did the update,logged into home, spent about half an hour in cuthroats.then got D4512(grrrr). tried to sign back in, only to be told that 1 or more of my ids has corrupted data due to ps3 shutting off incorrectly. (hardly my fault). did the usual hdd repair thing, reported problem to sony. but when i tried to sign back in, i had to go to existing acct in sign up for network,and confirm email and pwd. just like when you get a new ps3,and need to sign in with existing ids. so i spent about an hour pulling my hair out and charging round the house looking for pwds on scraps of paper. i'm now back in home on all ids except 1, my original id. (BIG GRRRR). couldnt remember the pwd. told me it was sending an email to me to renew pwd etc. i still haven't recieved it. i know things take time, but 12 hours? just curious about why i had to re-register all accts. and yes i do change pwds regularly, about once a month. and yes, i have used all accts within the last 3 days. sorry if i have posted in the wrong place, but other users might be getting the same problem as me.

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