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Re: is the network down?

Dec 17, 2013

Joanna_Dark_ wrote:

XrazgarX wrote:

Joanna_Dark_ wrote:

infamousgodV2_0 wrote:

i just got logged out of Psn randomly. i was away from my TV for like a half hour when i just got back i was logged out of my account and when i tried loging back in it says please check the status of Psn and the regular stuff.

I'm logged out as well. Oddly enough it's letting me continue to play in Final Fantasy and I can communicate with other onine members. Very Weird.

that can happen oddly enough I was playing Borderlands 1 with some friends one time and I got kicked off PSN for what ever reason but yet i was some how still in the game and was able to talk to them still and play and even kill things for about 5 mins till I lost connection tottally! the internet is a funny thing sometimes 

I'm back in but I was playing for about 20 minutes. Really odd I could communicate and not be technially online. Smiley Happy LoL

Yeah lol that happened to me on Borderlands like I said! its weird lol but things like that can happen apparently XD

Honestly it wasn't suggestive at all it was quite blatant!
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