Dec 08 2012
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having trouble downloading a game

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iv been trying to download assasins creed 3 now for a couple day. i paid the fee and i tried to download and all it downloads is this Uplay passport.

every time i go back and try to redownload the game again it asks me to choose a virsion and it just redownloads the passport.

what am i doing wrong?

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Re: having trouble downloading a game

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Dec 8, 2012

Where did you buy this game, and where are you downloading it from? It doesn't sound like you are using the Playstation Store. In that case, the problem would be that you bought the PC version of the game, and the PC version of the game can't be installed on the PS3.  The only place that you can buy software downloads for the PS3 is the Playstation Store, and that can only be accessed from the Playstation Store app on the PS3. The Playstation Store will only have one version of Assassin's Creed 3, so it would never prompt you for a version.  The UPlay Passport in the Playstation Store is separate from the game, as are all online passes, but installs automatically into the game data.

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