Sep 02 2013
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gta 5 preorder

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I have a question maybe ,because this is the first time i pre order a game ever not only on the play station store I dont really understand what to do.

i pre ordered the game on playstation network and it worked a got all the pre orders bonuses and the game it self but i cant download the game until the 14.9 and play it only on the 16.9 I understand that .

what I dont understand is somthing i got in my email after i pre ordered the game it says "Grand Theft Auto V (Full Game) 
Please make sure to top up your wallet before the pre-order expected release date: 17/09/2013 @ 12:00 AM"

So I didnt pay for the game yet? i need to add funds of 60$ until the game is out ? if i dont it wont give me the game ?

I dont know what going on and if i already paid and then i aid more funds ill just waste alot of money so i hope someone can give me an anwser.


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Re: gta 5 preorder

Sep 2, 2013
I guess you need to check again it doesn't require you to pay at checkout.You can add funds to your wallet afterwards.On the release date it will automatically be downloaded to your ps3.
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