Mar 15 2013
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god or war ascension game servers connection issues PLEASEEEEE HELLLP

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This is driving me crazy I have done a lot to fix my problem: I cannot log in normally to the multiplayer game servers, I mean I select my fighter I select the game mode but then it keeps searching for a match but it last too long to get one or when I get other players to play with and the counting to start the game begins it resets back to searching for a match as if has been disconnected. I have researched about it and apparently its a router´s issue I have a linksys WRT54G2 router and I have tried everything opening the ports, the UPNP, enabling the media servers but nothing works. All my other multiplayer games like killzone work perfect online but GOWA is driving me nuts. Please somebody help me!!!!!!!!

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Re: god or war ascension game servers connection issues PLEASEEEEE HELLLP

Mar 15, 2013



I too have this game and occasionally have the issue you are talking about.  The best place to seek help is here:


You are not alone and there are plenty of people talking about this in that section of the forum.  I find that the game is usually trying to connect me to people wayyy out of the region I'm in, causing it difficulties to connect.  Seems they may have not worked out that kink from the beta when they broadened the search area for testing.


Good luck warrior!

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