Feb 04 2013
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full game downloads

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can someone help me i bought the full game version of mass effect the other day but when i go to install it, the system says i have no space but i still have 20 gigs left. it only requires 10 can someone tell me where the data would save to so i can find out whats taking up so much space

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Re: full game downloads

Feb 4, 2013

Playstation Store games require at least twice their listed size of free disk space in order to install.  The size listed in the Playstation Store is the amount of space needed to download the game.  At least that much in addition would be needed to install the game.  After the game is installed the downloaded data is deleted, but just before then at least twice the download size is needed. Your 20GB of remaining space is a bit too small to install a 10GB game.  If you plan to buy full PS3 games in the Playstation Store, you should probably consider upgrading your hard drive.  Even 10GB isn't particularly large for a PS3 game.

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Re: full game downloads

Feb 5, 2013

thanks that seems to have worked 

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