Jan 09 2014
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error code np-8119-9, won't recognize my Visa debit card to add funds to my wallet!

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I have been trying since last night too add funds to my wallet, i went online to make SURE that i was allowed to use my Visa debit card to add funds and according to the PSN, it DOES accept debit cards with a VISA logo, i have entered my information numerous times, made sure it specifically matched my billing info aswell, i have done EVERYTHING that was suggested on the forums and support pages i have visited trying to figure out WHY it won't recognize my card, it keeps saying the credit card information is not valid and please make sure i entered it correctly, which i have checked and rechecked and then checked again and STILL it keeps coming up every single time. I have used my Visa debit on other sites for other purchases and this is the first time i have come across this problem, and like i said, according the the PSN, visa debit cards ARE allowed to be used to add funds to my wallet on my PS Vita. I am getting EXTREMELY frustrated and don't know what to do. I don't want to have to go out and buy a PSN card everytime i want to add funds to my wallet when it says i can use my card, so i need to know, is there a problem with the system or am i doing something wrong? I have done EVERYTHING i have been told to do ie. trouble shooting etc. and still it won't work. Can ANYONE please help me? Thanks..

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Re: error code np-8119-9, won't recognize my Visa debit card to add funds to my wallet!

Dec 31, 2014

i'm having the same issue. is sony just a terrible business, completely uninterested in being paid for a product or do they have enough money? i'd like to buy games but i guess i'll just stash this cash and use it for a wii u.

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